Member Benefits

Interested in our workouts? Have questions about where we ride? Are the rides tailored to all skill levels? Where do we do open water swims? Are there coached workouts?

Please contact us at or for more information.

STC members have access to a more complete list of workouts, seminars and events on our group Facebook page and STC’s private Meetup page, which is accessible once you are a member. So sign up today!

Your membership includes:

  • Free workouts including group bike rides, open water swims and runs
  • Free seminars with topics including injury prevention, nutrition and biking handling/maintenance.
  • Access to exclusive events and sponsor discounts
  • Regular club meetings with raffles, fun and food
  • Social events: happy hour, season kick-off and season-end parties with food, swag and drinks
  • Reserved bike racks for STC members at select races

Year at a Glance:

  • Winter coffee rides
  • Coached swim workouts
  • All member meeting
  • Weekly bike rides venturing to Folsom, Auburn, Roseville and beyond – Feb through November
  • Season kick-off party – Spring
  • Open water swim workouts weekly – Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Volunteer opportunities at local races
  • Volunteer opportunity at IRONMAN California
  • Seminars
  • Social events
  • Season end party – November/December

STC members have access to the complete list of workouts, seminars and social events on our private Facebook and Meetup sites, which are accessible once you are a member. So, sign up today!

Note: What identifies our club members at events is our club attire (with STC logo). Members are encouraged to purchase and wear custom STC kits. Custom orders are placed each spring and fall.

2024 Membership Options

If you have questions about membership, send email to

Swim Events - Member Benefits
Cycling Events - Member Benefits

Starting in spring, STC hosts weekly swims at Lake Natoma where you can swim at your own pace or challenge yourself to get faster. We also include occasional brick clinics on the weekends which include swim, bike and run repeats. As the IMCA nears, we will work to include a few swim workouts on the IMCA swim course on the American and Sacramento River. If you’re new to open water swimming the weekly Lake Natoma swim practices are a great way to start.

Starting in January, STC hosts weekly rides which get progressively longer each month and include flat and hilly terrains. Most rides include a long course for more seasoned riders and a shorter course for newcomers. Weekly bike rides venture to Folsom, Auburn, Roseville and beyond. We also include a number of rides on the IMCA course as we get close to the October race.

Running Events - Member Benefits
Volunteering Events - Member Benefits

Most weekly rides will include a short run after for those that have the time. STC also works to schedule periodic group runs, including long runs, speed training and hill repeats as appropriate to meet group needs.

If you’re not racing, STC encourages all members to volunteer at local events. This a great way to give back to the community and have some fun. For IMCA, STC will host a bike aid station and will reach out to all members, friends and family, to volunteer.