About Us Membership

If you are new to triathlon or are looking to join an amazing club, you have come to the right place!

The Sacramento Triathlon Club is the oldest and largest USA Triathlon member team in the Sacramento area. Our membership spans a broad range of triathletes, from IRONMAN World Championship competitors to first time beginners. We host numerous workouts, seminars, and other events in the greater Sacramento Area.  We also race in many races locally, nationally, and internationally.

Membership is valid for each calendar year; January 1st through December 31st. There is no proration for enrollments after January 1st.

Membership Rates

Online registration is available through PayPal (using your Debit, Credit, or existing PayPal account).

  • New Members = $50 plus the purchase of a new STC tri jersey (approximately $85)
  • Renewing Members by December 31, 2016 = $50 (includes STC T-Shirt)
  • Renewing Members by December 31, 2016 = $45 (without STC T-Shirt)

After Jan 1st, 2017 Membership fee is $50 for new and renewing members (T-shirt option expires Dec 31st, 2016).

*Meetup access for non-renewing members will terminate Jan 31st, 2017.

NOTE: Part of what identifies STC members at events are STC jerseys. New STC members are required to purchase an STC jersey. Voler STC jersey orders are placed through STC each Spring and Fall.

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