About Us

The Sacramento Triathlon Club (STC) is the oldest and largest USA Triathlon member team in the Sacramento area. Our membership spans a broad range of triathletes from Ironman competitors to beginners. STC hosts group workouts, clinics, seminars and many social events. The group bike rides explore all areas surrounding the greater Sacramento area from Davis to Auburn and Tahoe. Runs and swim workouts are more local; open water swim workouts are also available. STC athletes participate in numerous local races including USAT sanctioned races.

2024 STC Board Members

Eric Dreuth - STC President
President – Eric Dreuth

I have been a member of STC since 2015 while preparing for my fist Ironman distance race in Lake Tahoe. Since that time, I have raced all distances of triathlon. My experience with leadership comes from being a medical professional with a back ground in sports medicine to having a wife that has filled four STC board positions including President. My passion for sport and competition runs deep with not only my own drive, but by working professionally with every level of athlete from special needs to Olympic gold medalist. What drew me to STC was the welcoming and inviting nature of the members, I will strive to continue to foster and grow that environment that welcomed me into the club.

Vincent Jones - STC Vice President
Vice President – Vincent Jones

I did my first sprint triathlon in 1998 in San Diego and I was immediately addicted. Twenty-eight 70.3s and twelve 140.6s later, here I am, still hooked. I love this sport and I love the triathlon community. I’ve been a member of STC for a few years, but I’m truly honored to be returning as Vice President for the second year in a row, As a triathlon coach, I’m always happy to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to help fellow members reach their goals, so please reach out with any questions you may have. I’ve made some wonderful friends here and am very much looking forward to working with this group in 2024!

Robert Villa - STC Treasurer
Treasurer – Robert “The Beast” Villa

I was runner for many years before I started triathlons in 2016. My running buddy convinced me to start triathlons as a means to further compete against each other. Both running and now triathlons have always been about staying healthy, stress relief and fellowship. I love the people I meet and for me that has always been a big part of why I race. I jumped right in, signing up for a full triathlon as my first race and along the way discovered other distances. I continue to work on areas I am not as strong in such as, becoming a better (faster) swimmer and increase my wattage on the bike. I would like to help more people get into triathlons. I like being around smart, successful, fun, and strong people in the sport, it is all inspiring and motivating! I love the triathlon community.

STC Secretary – Jennell Villa
Secretary – Jennell “Ooh Squirrel” Villa

I became a triathlete in 2017. I did recreational running and team sports. No matter what area of my life I am in, it is my mission to inspire confidence by sharing my journey, enjoying the scenery, and playing in the magic of the unknown.  I run to the beat of my own drum. I am here for the lifestyle, the people I meet along the way and NOT the podium! I believe that life is best spent playing, finding random treasures, and never wasting a single moment. I love what I do and am grateful for this opportunity every day. Believe in yourself, be grateful for your pennies, and do it all with joy!

STC Sponsorship – Luis Andarcia
Sponsorship – Luis Andarcia

Hi! I’ve participated in almost every triathlon distance from “super-sprints” to 140.6 starting in the early ’90s and since then the sport has been a part of my life. 2024 is my fourth year with STC and third as Sponsorship Director. I keep trying to make it to the rides, the races, and showing up to the social gatherings of the club. I look forward to helping strengthen the relationship with the current sponsors as well as bringing in new ones.

STC Membership - Angelina Villa
Membership – Angelina “Red-line” Villa

Hello! My name is Angelina Villa and I was somehow dragged into this triathlon life by my crazy parents. I grew up playing softball (the complete opposite of an endurance sport lol) and never would have imagined getting into running or triathlons. I have done a dozen or so half marathons but only did my first triathlon (Olympic distance) in August 2021, then my first 70.3 and first marathon in 2022. I am currently training for my first full Ironman (Sacramento 2023)! I enjoy running, spending time with my family, and wasting time on social media (i.e. why I enjoy this job). I am new to this world but love the community I have been introduced to. I am very excited to be a part of the board in charge of STC’s Social Media accounts and look forward to all the fun workouts and races to join this year!

STC Communications - Paul Miller
Communications – Paul Miller

Pretty fast at the mile in high school track a million years ago, but then took a couple of decades off for beer and cigarettes. Began running again to ‘celebrate’ my mid-life crisis and started slowly racing again. I was way too intimidated by all the badass athletes to try triathlons or become a member of STC. Club Treasurer Robert Villa kept encouraging me to join and I finally overcame my fear. Couldn’t swim more than a single lap in the local pool when I’d started. I’m still amazed that fewer than 6 swim lessons later I could finish a mile. I can’t believe I’d waited so long to join the club! STC is a group of the kindest, most supportive folks I’ve ever met.

STC Workout Coordinator – Kristin Dreuth
Workout Coordinator – Kristin Dreuth

Hi, my name is Kristin Dreuth, your STC Workout Coordinator for 2024. I previously served as Secretary, President, and most recently Communications Director. I grew up competing in the equestrian world (hunter/jumpers and rodeo), enjoyed biking and running for many years and started triathlons 7 years ago with my husband. I look forward to helping the club grow, racing local races with my favorite being Ironman California and will support and encourage you on your journey with triathlons. See you at a workout!

Sydney Lewis - Social Media Director
Sydney Lewis – Social Media Director

Hello everyone! I’m Sydney, your Social Media Director for 2024. I have been racing triathlons for 10 years and have competed in over 150 races. But, it’s not all about the racing for me, it’s really all about the community and friendships we build during the journey. As social media director I aim to help build this community by creating content that gets you excited to get out there and train/race with rad people!

Kirsten Bratti Lewis – Assistant Workout Coordinator

I have been doing triathlon (and coaching) since 2010 and I’m all about encouraging more people to tri and create their new possible while having a big dose of fun! I have experienced triathlon as a lifestyle that has helped me in so many ways both physically and mentally and I love bringing that to others. As your Assistant Workout Coordinator, I’m here to lead workouts that support your goals, help you make new friends and laugh together.