2024 Board of Directors Election Candidates

ELECTION ALERT: Board Member Voting Approaching!

All positions on our Board are open for election, offering a unique opportunity to shape the future of our community. Whether you’re considering running for a position or voting for your preferred candidates, your participation is crucial. Election ballots will be sent via an email survey November 26th and will close December 4th.

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Candidate Name Eric Dreuth
I have currently held this position for 1 year. I would like to say that it is an honor to serve as president of this club.

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Vince Jones Vince Jones
I have been competing in triathlons for over 30 years ranging from Sprint to Full distance races. I am also an active participant in many local events which include mountain biking, trail running, and duathlons. I have been an active member of the Sacramento Triathlon Club for the last seven years, and have been a board member for the last two. Having recently become a certified triathlon coach, I look forward to sharing my knowledge with the club. As Vice President, I hope to help make this club an enjoyable experience for our members.

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Jennell Villa Jennell Villa
I am a returning board member. I have currently held this position for 1 year and sponsorship for 4 years. I am happy to serve our STC members. I look forward to another year!

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Robert Villa Robert Villa
As a dedicated member of the STC community and a returning board member, I have proudly held the treasurer position. My experience and commitment to our organization have equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively manage our finances. I am eager to continue serving the STC community and further contribute to our shared goals and success.

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Kristen Bratti Lewis Kirsten Bratti Lewis
I have been a triathlon coach for over a decade and an advocate of introducing the sport of triathlon to as many people as possible. As Membership Director I will focus on creating a positive, fun, inspiring & inclusive community for our members. My goal is to grow our community and increase membership engagement. I am looking forward to growing our membership where athletes of all levels will thrive and experience their new triathlon possible in a supportive positive engaging community.

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Luis Andarcia Luis Andarcia

With a passion for triathlons that started in 1992, I’ve dedicated myself to the sport, evolving from a participant to a seasoned coach since 2009. As a proud member of the Sacramento Triathlon Club since 2020, I am poised to embark on my third year as the Sponsorship Director in 2024.

In this role, I anticipate the opportunity to cultivate robust and sustainable partnerships that propel STC’s growth and evolution. Leveraging my extensive experience in the triathlon community, I am committed to securing financial sponsorships, in-kind contributions, and fostering relationships that not only benefit the club but also contribute to the broader triathlon community.

As Sponsorship Director, I am enthusiastic about steering the Sacramento Triathlon Club towards new heights by establishing and nurturing strategic alliances.

Communications Director
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Paul Miller Paul Miller
STC Communications Director mostly since 2018. I send the monthly email newsletters. More importantly, (and much more fun!) I volunteer at races and stand on the side of the road taking pictures and cheering for you badasses!


Social Media
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Sydney Lewis Sydney Lewis
I am running for the position of social media director. Triathlon has been a huge part of my life for over a decade. It has been a place for me to have community, gain confidence and just have fun. As social media director I would be honored to elevate our online presence, through crafting engaging and positive content. While showing off all of our incredible members and spotlighting your accomplishments.